Posted by: rocketbride | July 14, 2011

feelings are boring; kissing is awesome

Pretty busy week, ducklings. On Monday I met up with two co-workers for my first ever summer hangout. In nine years of teaching, despite the best intentions, I’ve never been able to make the scheduling work to get together with the people I see every day for ten months, so this was something of a landmark. Unfortunately it was cut a little short because it was super hot and I had a late-afternoon appointment back at home. Still, the three of us managed a decent morning in the Annex: looking at oddments, eating cheap Japanese food, and for myself, buying wedding underwear (I sent them away at this point, reasoning that it’s above and beyond reasonable to expect your coworkers to look at you in lacy bras when they only signed on for shoes.)

When I got home, I rushed off to a meeting to set up the wedding ceremony, then chilled at home for maybe an hour before being picked up for class. Fortunately it was a re-run of last week, which meant an hour and a half of slow rotations and crossovers rather than two hours of high-speed spins (next week, I suppose). As dance gear is now the most comfortable thing for me to wear, what with the elastic-waisted skirts and the shirts that stop above the Belly, it’s hard for me to understand why people keep asking if I’m still exercising. Give up an activity that’s not only fun & intellectually stimulating but allows me to wear loose belly-baring clothing? Yes please!

On Tuesday nearly the entire day was taken up by our engagement photography session. Not because Stephen needed the whole day, but because I needed a great deal of work to be assured that I was pretty enough to be preserved on film for the ages. Destiny worked on me for more than three hours, which sounds like I should have had full alien makeup by the time I left, but made for the subtlest transformation you can imagine. My face, my hair: it was all me, but the most beautiful version of me.

I have a complicated relationship to grooming, which is mimicked in many other aspects of my life. In essence, it’s something that I have found difficult and hard to master, so I gave up on it fairly early in life. I mean, I perform to minimal acceptable standards: I wash, I comb my hair, I own makeup (much of it hair-raisingly old, as I use it so rarely) and I can assemble outfits to help me clean up for a special occasion. I’m not against looking good. I suppose what I’ve positioned myself against is trying hard, and failing. Pretty childish, really, but artifice gets such a bad rap that I can get away with it, write it off as evidence of the depth of my character. Clearly, it’s no such thing. And this must be why it’s so gratifying to be made over, even if for one day.

The session itself was pretty un-newsworthy, unless you’re really into the idea of Mason & I making out at various visually interesting spots in Kensington Market. Which I was, but I recognize that most are not. More on this when pictures are available. For now, all I need to report is that working with Stephen was fun. He’s a real artist and I liked trailing around, watching him think about how everything looked and what would transfer well to film. It was hot as hell, but probably the most pleasant way to spend such an afternoon, save for getting married in the first place. I suppose I’ll be able to make a proper comparison in a few weeks.

On Wednesday, I went to a family lunch with my parents which ate up most of the day, then reported to the dentist for my semi-annual de-scaling. Painful! I think I had about 15 minutes to rest at home before my mom came to pick me up. She has a theatre subscription, and she had lost her date to see the hottest ticket in town; naturally I unselfishly volunteered myself. And this is how a girl who has been broke for months managed to see Hugh! Jackman! and his one man show.

Toronto is having a love-affair with this man and his show, and all I can report is that it’s well-deserved. He’s funny, charming, sings like an angel and blew me away with his “little bit” of dancing. He made the whole theatre feel like they were having a personal experience with him, and when a pretty girl in the front row invited him to her wedding, he gave her a burlesque lap dance that is seared into my memory. It was awesome, is what I’m saying, and while I appreciate the idea of revue-type theatre I never expected to be seduced by it.

If you’re local, see it. Get rushes, buy in advance, suck up to someone with a subscription like I did. You won’t regret it.



  1. […] and dance with the crowd of barefoot and dreadlocked strangers. The baby, whom I discovered at the Hugh Jackman show is inexplicably a big didgeridoo fan, danced as well. It was ridiculous, by which I mean […]

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