Posted by: rocketbride | January 23, 2012

dinner party

I’m sick, so in the time-honoured tradition of this journal, I’m writing a sick day entry. If you just went by the written evidence, I seem a lot sicker than I actually am. Let the record show that I’m not normally a dopey mouth-breather.

Maggie is sick too, a perfect amount that matches mine and doesn’t require a trip to the doctor. She’s just a little snuffley in the night and wants to take many naps. I can relate.

Yesterday we had Sarah & Leo & their kids over for the afternoon. We love hanging out with them, and yet it took a ridiculous amount of scheduling and re-scheduling to make it work for both families. Blake was at his dad’s for the afternoon, so the girls busied themselves with his stuff while the adults sat & chatted. Maggie was much admired, especially by Demi, who didn’t get to hold her as much as she would have liked. When Blake got home the play got more rambunctious, and I sent the two oldest outside after dinner to yell and chase each other in the last light.

The best part is that, when we see them next, there will be a brand new baby. Maggie will be old news and I can get my newborn fix.

Speaking of the rapidly-aging Miss Maggie, she is three months old today. There’s a line Big Bird says in the episode dealing with the death of Mr. Hooper: “the thing about babies is, one day they’re not here; the next they are!” Whenever I think about Maggie’s age, it reminds me that she wasn’t always here, which is weird. She seems so permanent that when I look at toddler pictures of Blake, I think about how she would fit in.

She’s sleeping in her crib while I write this, a major surprise that I’ve written about before. When she’s not having a sleepy day like today, she’s blessing me with periods of alert calm (most welcome during meals!) and extreme happiness, in which she laughs and hoots at songs, faces or the ceiling. She’s already outgrowing her second set of clothes and when she gets really mad, she’ll stiffen her whole body and seem to stand.

People ask if she’s a good baby. The truth is that she’s the best baby.


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