Posted by: rocketbride | January 28, 2012

say yes to the bless…ing

I’ve been feeling pretty dopey the past few days, and I’d like to chalk up my writing difficulties to that. You see, I’m fine for most of the day, but by 7 or so I get so sleepy that I can’t take advantage of Blake being in bed…so I just put on my pajamas and go to sleep with the baby. The exciting development this week is that on Tuesday she started sleeping through the night (five hours). I’m sure it’s some combination of maturity, calm days, Mason rocking her in the evenings and the fan we put in her room to take the chill out of the air. It’s absolutely brilliant. At 2 am or so I’m summoned downstairs by the wails of someone convinced she’s been abandoned, but it’s a small price to pay for the most consecutive hours of sleep since mid-pregnancy. I’m sure that eventually it will mean less dopeyness and more writing.

Two Sundays ago, Maggie was baptized. It was a rush job, put together in a week and a half, because Mason’s parents are involved in a kidney round-robin swap and they expected to be done that and in Florida by February. (Note: this is very unlikely, but who’s going to argue with people having major surgery?) They were planning to be gone until Easter, and our minister was going on a four month sabbatical after Easter, which would have delayed the baptism until August. Personally, I wasn’t in a rush. We don’t believe she’s going to limbo without it, and we go to church every week anyway. Plus, there is a lace christening gown in one of my books, and I’d already bought the yarn for it. But the prevailing consensus seemed to be to get it over with, so we allowed ourselves to be swept along.

The gown we used was once worn by myself and my brother, and before that it was my mother’s wedding dress. It’s awesome, nice enough to make me give up my knit gown dream without a pang. I knit her little socks, baby versions of my only published pattern, and we wrapped her in the shawl I knit for the wedding. My parents bought her a gold cross and chain. And seeing her clean and fluffy haired, dressed in that big white pouff and looking around avidly in a white bonnet, made my heart melt. My parents were there, and my grandpa and my last great-aunt. Mason’s parents, too. And most importantly, both brothers were there, looking their best in sweater vests and the bowties we bought them as wedding presents.

Beneath the bowtie, Blake had a rocky morning. He’s been in the choir for years, but hasn’t ever been enthusiastic about participating. When I was running it, he was adamant about being a part of choir, but still rarely sang. This year he finally admitted that he wanted to take a break. Unfortunately, this was the first morning he had made this decision, and it meant giving up a cookie after practice, which was clearly a consequence he hadn’t anticipated. I had to take him into a stairwell to stop him from punching the wall in agitation. Once I had him talking, he told me he was jealous of all the attention Maggie was getting. I tried to convince him that his own baptism had been a bigger deal, with many relatives and a pool party, and that seemed to calm him down. Eventually he was ready to come along, and he spent his time in the pew stroking Maggie’s head as we waited for our part of the service.

And Maggie? My beautiful angel was calm right up until the rite started, and then she started wailing directly into the microphone. Well, she wouldn’t be my daughter if she wasn’t causing a ruckus.


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