Posted by: rocketbride | February 5, 2012

picture day

My writing may be sporadic, but I’m still trying to keep up with my photography projects. I took all the pictures on my original 365 project, and I’m now getting around to uploading the missing pics. August 9, 2010 to June 8 is complete; there are a few more for June & July, and then the set is done from July 24th to August 9, 2011. Definitely some fun ones in there.

march 22

Also, I’m a little more than a month behind posting pictures of Maggie in her 365 set, but I’m still taking them. There was one sad day when we were out of the house almost all day and no picture was taken, but so far my success rate with her has been amazing. I’m really going to enjoy being able to put all of these pictures together and have this wonderful visual document of her first year. And my dad has started using the stream, so my parents can print as many pictures as they like. Sweet.

january 9

Finally, there are other people in my family, as they often like to remind me.

old britannia school house


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