Posted by: rocketbride | February 7, 2012

little dozer

Yesterday Maggie slept through the night. Not just technically, as she’s been doing for over a week, but from 8 to 5. She’s been sleeping so well at night that I’ve been waking up with the pain of engorgement, my shirt completely soaked. Sleeping was my only “problem” with Blake: he was a great baby who didn’t sleep well until he was more than eighteen months old. Ironically, this momentous occasion happened on the second night she wore Blake’s baby clothes.

I paid for it today, though. She missed her first nap, and our entire day after was a rocketsled of overtired unhappiness. She was so upset this afternoon that I nursed her at a hockey arena in full view of four elementary classes, after which we watched the skaters together, snuggled in Mason’s giant sweater.

Today I accompanied Blake’s class and three others to a local rink for an afternoon of recreational skating. It’s something his school does every year, but of course this was the first year I was available to witness it. For many of the students, this is their first experience on skates. More than one spent the hour with their ankles bowed to the ice, clutching an orange pylon for dear life. One of these newbies was a friend of Blake who competes and brags constantly. I’ll admit to some schadenfreude watching him skate like a newborn calf, but I was very impressed with how many times he returned to the ice after a rest. He may have sucked, but he wasn’t allowing himself to be sidelined, and I don’t see that very often in my older students.

I was also hugely satisfied watching Blake skate so easily around the ice. Four winters of interrupting the week and driving him to lessons, all the time in the stands watching him flop around the ice, seeing teenaged instructors give up on him for good halfway through the session when he refused to try anything new, registering him in the same level again and again: it was all redeemed in one afternoon. My son is a proficient skater. Of all the ways I may have failed him, I haven’t failed him in passing on this most Canadian of outdoor skills.

skating lessons


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