Posted by: rocketbride | February 10, 2012

wave of illness claims two

I celebrated Rocketbride Day by getting sick again: sore throat and headache and runny nose. You’d think that the reduced stress of being at home would preserve me, but no. Blake is sick too, and we’re wondering about Margaret: she’s either fussy because she’s still adjusting to her new cognitive level and her continued excellence in the field of night-sleeping, or she’s sick. Giving her a bit of baby Tylenol last night helped, as did an intense eucalyptus oil-infused shower. Blake just lay on the couch all night, looking flushed and listless. He’s developed an antipathy towards medications of all kinds, and has to be strongly persuaded to take his Tylenol despite his sore throat and headache. I’m starting to wonder if I should bribe him with smoothies.

Anyway, he was feeling better this morning, and he took his medicine so I let him go to school. Maggie is in a great mood and doing a lot of napping, so she’s either feeling better physically or she’s adjusting to her new sleeping schedule. As for me, I’m drippy and spacey and really should be off the computer before I start buying shiny things online. I did manage to upload about two weeks worth of pictures to Maggie’s 365 project, so there’s new stuff there. And I worked out yesterday with my brother, so that should somewhat offset the fact that I ate a whole bag of chips in the last 24 hours.

(I’m not really working out to lose weight, although that would be awesome. I’m working out for the strength and the energy, not to mention the endorphins and feeling of satisfaction that lasts the rest of the day.)

Off to conserve strength.

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