Posted by: rocketbride | February 14, 2012

heart day

This morning, Blake told me that his dad was writing stories.

“And some of them have ‘likes’. Why don’t you write a book while you’re home with Maggie?”

Then he started to discuss what we would do with the extra income. I tried to convince him that being with his sister was a full-time job, but he just wasn’t buying it. Maybe next time I’ll tell him that I’ve been working on a writing project for fifteen years, and it hasn’t been published yet. Monetize!

I had a moderately crafty Valentine’s Day. I often make something for Blake, but he’s getting past the age when a stuffed toy really satisfies. I made one for Miss Mags with a rattle inside (tiny floss containers hooray), but for my boys I followed a tip from a parenting newsletter and made some wax paper valentines with cinnamon hearts. Pro tip: sew the hearts first, then cut out the shape and you don’t have to worry about lining up the paper. I also bought small treats for the small boys (a question cube for Blake and a chocolate school bus for Sage) and the new Leonard Cohen album for Mason. I’ve been a little anxious and depressed lately, so there’s a temptation to splash out. It was hard to reign it in, but I managed. The fact that I only had a few minutes to get everything helped; skimming The Smart Cookies Guide to Couples and Money helped, too. So I had the satisfaction of knowing that I didn’t panic-spend.

Blake gave me a big heart of Turtles, which he bought for me on Sunday night when he went out with my parents for Valentine’s cards. I’ve been sleep deprived and headachey and generally in a crap, snappish mood for a few days, so seeing him try to mollify me with candy was not exactly helpful to my self-esteem. Still, he’s just learning the social graces. It’s not his fault I can be bought.

Mason got up early to make us pancakes with strawberry-yoghurt-maple syrup topping, although I was more appreciative that I could tell him about my serial killer nightmare and he would take me seriously.

Maggie is taking a long nap, which is a late present but a good one. She’s been restless in the night lately, so I’m looking forward to another sleep present. Dare to dream.

It’s been a good day. My family make good Valentines, and I feel blessed to have them.

Last night was probably restless because yesterday I saw Scherezade in the city and totally disrupted all of Maggie’s naps to make it happen. Unfortunately the bulk of the visit was taken up with mediocre tacos, leaving 20 minutes for frenzied visits to the record, bread and candy stores. (It only they were one store.) Maggie was on her best behaviour, the little stinker. I’ve got to figure out how to make ladies afternoon happen in a way that doesn’t push her over the edge at night.


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