Posted by: rocketbride | February 21, 2012


Tuesday evenings are profoundly askew. Tuesdays are triple-decker custody nights, one parent per child, all by themselves. I used to think my problem with Tuesday nights was that I was spending too much time alone, but adding Baby Time and now skating field trips all afternoon doesn’t seem to lesson the strangeness I feel when 6:30 rolls around and I wonder if I’m allowed to put on pjs. (I may not be allowed, but they are on nonetheless.)

Over the past week Maggie has continued to make great strides physically and cognitively. When she’s on her back, she can “bridge pose” and change her angle. She can pinch, and therefore hold interesting objects, and therefore cram interesting objects into her highly discriminating mouth. (By “highly discriminating,” I mean that she crams everything in there, not that she likes the taste of most things.) After a week of broken sleep, she has returned to sleeping most of the night, in a crib a floor below me. But she has also become glued to me, and she has decided she hates being out of the house. Her optimal life is in the house, with me to listen to her various opinions. Taking her out is becoming a nightmare, so I’ve stopped trying to do more than one or two widely spaced things in a day. And I’m giving up on a lot of plans that involve me stealing away for an hour, because it just wrecks everyone else’s night or afternoon.

Fortunately (?) my hobbies don’t seem to miss me all that much. I guess I put too much work into being independent when I could have been building stronger relationships.

Anyway. I’ve decided that part of making this part of my life easier is surrendering to this house-bound phase and knowing that eventually I’ll be able to cram my days and nights with stuff that makes me happy, and not just the Empress Who Is Currently Screaming For Me to Go Upstairs and Turn On Her Musical Giraffes.


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