Posted by: rocketbride | February 23, 2012

attitude check!

And then, just for fun, as soon as I figure out the rules, they change. Tuesday I was banging on & on about how Maggie just loves the house, and I need to respect that she is a much happier girl when we’re hanging out here together. (There was also going to be something in there about taking some pressure off myself and not equating spending another season without dance lessons a failure, but she woke up before I could write it.) Yesterday I had exactly three things to do: go to the bank, exercise in our Baby Zumba class (a.k.a. get my shirt as wet as possible with an unholy mixture of sweat and drool), and pick up Mason at the end of the school day. She slept through the morning walk to school with Blake, so I let my dad handle it. She was quiet and content, playing with my dad in the lobby while I signed papers and planned for her future (hint: the trades are looking good.) She fell asleep in the car seat coming home from class, which she often does, and she stayed asleep, which she never does. This week she learned how to pinch, and that’s evolved into the amazing ability to take off her hat in the car; her whole life she’s squirmed until her hat covers her face, and then she wails, so this is a good development and may be the cause of the long sleep.

So I gambled. I took her to Cubs in the evening to see her brother in a puppet show. This was highly dangerous: she hates being in the car after dark, she gets tired around 7:30, and she doesn’t like being out of the house in the best of times. Somehow it worked and she was happy. Sure, she cried when the kids started screaming about loving “this stuff,” and I had to do a lot of walking during the puppet show itself, but she kept it together for the most part until Blake was done with the role of Shere Khan and we could flee home.

I had always hoped that we could be out and about, and that she could know the world as a busy, active place. Maybe this is the beginning of that change. All I know is that I probably shouldn’t count on anything at this point.


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