Posted by: rocketbride | February 24, 2012

chemical romances

The promised snow-mageddon has failed to materialize, but I’d already cancelled my plans. Thanks a lot…meteorology? I just don’t know who to blame. I was going to drive into the city to see Kat & Stella, we were going to take a picture of our lunch at exactly noon, and we were going to discuss the things one discusses when one is at home with a Very Young Daughter. (I don’t know what those things would be, but I was excited to find out!) Instead I get clumps of snow that melt as soon as they hit the ground and a compounding of my already existing restlessness.

Have I mentioned that I gave up Diet Coke on Wednesday? Yes. I did that. My body chemistry is experiencing a profound shift right now, and probably I would feel antsy and impulsive even if I were working. Not working just makes everything that much stranger.

(Why give up Coke? The usual reasons. When you routinely turn down your kid’s requests for fruit punch because “it’s just sugar water” and yet he sees you pour something with even less nutritional value or real ingredients into your body on a daily basis, eventually the hypocrisy becomes too big to ignore. A few months ago he started asking for sips of pop, and I was suddenly horrified at the example I’m setting. I’ve been rationalizing my behaviour by having only one can a day, but for years and through both of my pregnancies. And I would be lying if I claimed to be anything other than passionately addicted to the moment when I get to drink that single serving. Or, you know, addicted to the aspartame and caffeine as well.

So I gave it up. I’ve done it for Lent before, and it’s worked out alright. I even lost a few pounds. Mason is wary of my potential mood swings, but it’s not like he’ll be around for most of them; my preferred drinking time was noon, when he’s at work. In theory I could call and rave on the phone, but the phone is an impractical way to reach a teacher, so not that either. I’ll just have to sweat it out with my baby life coach, who’s currently taking a nap. She needs to rest up for her night of staying inside and not seeing anyone but me until she’s ready for bed. Sigh.)


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