Posted by: rocketbride | March 17, 2012

reports from the break

The second half of March Break has been easier than it usually is. Perhaps this is because I didn’t have to de-stress from working, since I don’t do that right now. Perhaps it was because the first half was so much fun: Blake went to Cub Camp (without me!) on the weekend, and we filled the next three days with excellent outings to the sugar bush, Black Creek Pioneer Village and the legitimate theatre. Or perhaps it was just because of the strange but lovely temperatures. (As much as it makes me anxious about the fate of the planet, it’s been nice to get outside without a jacket.)

Despite my unreasonable concerns, Blake survived two days & nights without parental supervision. He was understandably tired when we hauled him home, so we let him kick around the house for most of the day. On Monday we took all three kids to the sugar bush, for what has been our annual tour. Blake behaved perfectly, Sage fell into the vacated role of whiner and moper, and Maggie suffered stoically through the whole thing while strapped to Mason’s chest. It’s a shame that Blake seems to have aged out of this trip just as his attitude adjusted, but I reckon there’s always the younger kids that can be lured by pancakes while we watch the three-kettle fires.

On Tuesday my mom got us three tickets for “Potted Potter” so Mason & I took Blake for some fun. Again, he did pretty well although theatre isn’t quite his thing. (Yet?) By the time we got home, Maggie was absolutely miserable. She refuses to drink from bottles, so any time away from us is pretty horrible for my parents, who, God bless, keep volunteering to watch her.

On Wednesday we were planning to go to Fort York, but we ditched it at the last minute and went to Black Creek, a historical village with more going on. Blake has been learning about pioneers this year, so he got a lot more out of it that he usually does when we drag him to some place historical. His big enthusiasm was cursive writing, which he used to write “Wario.” Sigh. Still, we spent three hours and didn’t see the whole thing, which bodes well for a return visit and makes me happy. Maybe next time I’ll cave to Blake’s demands for a wooden rifle from the gift shop.

Unfortunately, the baby started sniffling today. We’re not sure if it’s a cold or the kind of pollen allergies that fell both parents, but she’s been awfully wet and quiet today. I expect a lot more fight out of her, and while the snuggling is nice, it’s not really worth the glassy look in her eyes while she watches us eat dinner, her wrist and rattle lying limp on her lap. But it made my first dance outing since her birth easier.

The two of us went to Drillhouse today, which was interesting for a lot of reasons. Physically, I’m as fit as I ever was, but it’s been six months since I tried to catch a cue and I’m terribly rusty. Also, there’s the continual question of how a fourteen pound weight will affect a given move. Grace was out the window, I can tell you that much. But I enjoyed it, she tolerated it, and the other dancers seemed delighted to have us. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.


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