Posted by: rocketbride | March 23, 2012

littlest mourner

Maggie is exactly five months old today. Her small cold has thrown off her sleeping schedule, but she’s taking much better naps and that usually means better nights. She still hates the car, and howls in rage when she’s strapped in during the evening.

My favourite moment of the past month was bringing her to a wake for a co-worker. Maria died after a brief battle with cancer. We worked together at Bat Masterson, although she moved to another school a few years back when it became clear that she wasn’t going to get along with the new administration. I’ve never seen a service so packed, but when people started speaking it was obvious that there was so much to her life that many people could be counted on to remember it at the end. When her friends talked about how quickly she picked up languages, and how good she was at persuading you to her point of view, I was reminded that she was the only person outside of my social knitting circles who knew how to complicated designs. She was the first person at school to congratulate me on having a pattern published, without me mentioning it first. And it drove her crazy to see Mason & I plodding along in English style, when we could switch to Continental and zip along. We also did yoga together, and she would unfailingly fall asleep during the closing meditation.

So we were in this huge packed hall, full of crying people from Bat Masterson. Probably the best decision we ever made was to bring Maggie, who was passed around in her little red shirt and black jeans as balm to everyone’s spirit. She bore this stoically, sucking on her hand as she was complimented and only breaking eye-contact with her bearers to examine her hand critically, looking for a dry space to lick. I took Blake to a lot of funerals when he was a baby, mostly because my family kept dying that year, and I had forgotten how much it’s appreciated by the mourners. I just wish Maria hadn’t had to die so I could be reminded of that fact.


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