Posted by: rocketbride | March 29, 2012


I’m feeling sluggish and out of sorts today, constantly hungry and unable to get interested in anything productive. I blame the weather: after a week of summer sunshine it got normal again, which meant temperatures plummeted. I think my body believes that it’s fall, and is trying to build body fat stores. Either that, or I’m in some new stage of post-partum adjustment. I gave up on my diet: it was impossible to stick to it when I was out of my mind with hunger. Maybe I can get back on it when I feel normal.

The downward trend started on Tuesday, when I suffered three minor upsets in an hour. First, I was turned away at Baby Time because the program was full. It being an hour earlier than usual, I couldn’t get my normal Tuesday lunch of a burrito on the way home. My dad took us to the library instead, where I found that my held book had been checked in an hour before, and no one knew where it was. Mason laughed when he got home at the petty nature of my problems. It was silly even when it was happening, but still: it’s hard to come home and know that you just spent the last hour running in circles with nothing to show for it.

Maggie continues to edge closer to food. Now when I hold something like a spoon or a toothbrush, she reaches for it and studies it with intense concentration. I’m not in a huge hurry to start food (I like her diapers the way they are, thanks) but it’s still terribly exciting.

The other interesting thing is that she’s decided she likes her pacifiers. I didn’t try too hard with her, as Blake never really went for them, but she is still so miserable in the car that I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m not quite at the stage where she has anything clipped to her clothes, but I have to admit that it’s a nice break from having her on the breast every half-hour when she’s out of sorts, and it makes it easier for people who aren’t me to soothe her. The only real downside is that it becomes a one-size-fits-all solution, especially when I’m this sluggish (or when I’m eating, which is all the time).


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