Posted by: rocketbride | March 31, 2012

yarn tasting, baby edition

So, I’m not sure what part the constant hunger pangs had to play in all this, but I’ve spent the last two nights tossing and turning with stomach pain and the last two days listless, wondering if I’m going to get dizzy when I stand up. I had to stay home today instead of going into the city with Mason for a fun Saturday, both because I am sick and because we kept Maggie out till all hours last night while I went to a yarn tasting. She’s doing very well today, me not so much. At this point I have to wonder if the spaciness and nausea are part of the stomach problem or just a result of little sleep and cautious meals.

I did something fun last night, though. Yarn tastings are pretty special events in that I get to meet a lot of new people, I get to touch and use lots of fun yarns, and there is the possibility of a fabulous prize. (In the case of last night, this was an untouched skein of fuschia lace weight silk. Pow!) Things were rushed and weird with us last night, as the Boy was late picking up Blake and we hit hours of traffic on the way to the city. This meant that I had to skip dinner, and trot away from Mason & Maggie at the Ceili after bolting a plate of bread & butter. Mason made it another couple of hours before Maggie had enough of the crowded bar and refused to stop screaming; I found out about it when he appeared at the Purl wild-eyed, holding the baby wrapped in a blanket borrowed from the restaurant where our stuff remained. The rest of the night was much like the Drillhouse, in that it wasn’t that hard to do things with Maggie or not very hard at least, and people seemed overjoyed to see her. There was even another baby there, one who was not quite as agitated and willing to play on the floor with Miko. Maggie preferred my lap, which was fine. We stuck out the rest of the night, and I got some dinner that I was finally able to eat once she was installed in her beloved crib. She’s a pretty great baby, and if the price of taking her out is that she won’t go to other people and I have to hug her and kiss her? I can pay it.


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