Posted by: rocketbride | April 17, 2012

crab baby

Today Miss Maggie developed a beautiful new skill: pinches. She usually has a meltdown sometime in the morning: if I’m lucky, she has it on the way home from school and pops off to sleep within minutes, freeing up my whole morning. (I’m not usually that lucky.) Today she pitched a fit as I was mixing tuna with mayo and negotiating bread with Blake, who would rather eat two frozen ends of a processed loaf than a fresh-sliced sourdough. She was yowling and pinching me so severely that I had to hold her away from my body as I rushed to the living room to nurse her. As I made my escape I told Blake he was on his own.

I heard rustlings from the kitchen, then nothing. My parents arrived and took Blake to school. Twenty minutes later Maggie fell asleep and I settled her in her crib. I went back to the kitchen, where I found an empty bowl. He had taken ALL the tuna for his frozen bread-ends sandwich. Not that tuna is expensive, but still. A whole can.

I blame Pinchy McScreamerson.


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