Posted by: rocketbride | April 30, 2012

in cars

Still not very happy, but I’m hoping that things start to get better this week. Mason is finally done the second of the two night courses he taught this year, so I can look forward to seeing him four nights a week rather than two. Just being able to take Blake to his activities, instead of sending him off with my dad while I stay in and mind the baby, will be helpful. I want to get out more now that the weather’s warmer, which means concocting a new rhythm for the day. I also have to make sure to offer Maggie solids more regularly: she’s healthy and growing but she’s slipped off her percentile pretty dramatically in the last two months, and I still haven’t found a food that she loves. I’m sure it’ll all even out eventually, but I was enjoying her rapid growth after such a slow start, and I’m not happy to give up that affirmation.

Her tapering off hasn’t seemed to affect her physically. She’s still really good at her jolly jumper, and excellent at rolling from her back to her side, but so far no full flips and no sitting. I suppose that the biggest change for Maggie this month is that she’s taken to the pacifier in a big way. Blake never cared for it, so I don’t have much experience with a pacifier baby, and although I feel that pulse of guilt when I use it to seal the deal on naptime, it’s made car rides a lot easier. And church. And visits with relatives.

We tested this last on Saturday, going to see Mason’s sister’s family with all the kids. Blake and Sage occupied themselves on the trampoline, bouncing so much they exhausted themselves by the time we left. Maggie was at her most charming, smiling and cooing and allowing herself to be passed around with few protests. She even took a nap, which made the rest of the visit sweeter. Tammy couldn’t get over how lovely she was, which is nice to be confirmed. I mean, we’re totally moon-eyed over her, but we realize that it’s a condition specific to parents.

Blake had a pretty rough weekend all told. We usually have fairly- to insanely-busy weekends, especially when we go into Toronto to pick up Sage. The temptation to stay in the city is strong, but we end up with kids who have been exhausted by too many restaurant meals and travel time in the car. This weekend was particularly intense, even when I gave up on my plan to go to the annual Knitter’s Frolic, and when we got stuck in a traffic jam on Sunday night, Blake completely lost it.

Granted, his reasons for getting upset were mostly regret that he wouldn’t be able to play video games before going to bed, but underneath that was a sugar crash following a birthday party and frustration with being constantly in the back seat with a fretful baby. A few years ago he used to like going to the city with us. Then he was indifferent. Now he’s acting out, and I can’t really blame him. Who wants to spend your only two free days living some one else’s agenda?

I didn’t, however, get to this acceptance yesterday. Yesterday we were just trying to calm him down and talk about what he thought was wrong. It was only after that I realized we needed to make a change. I remember being a camp counsellor, and listening to one of my campers tell me that their family was so busy on the weekend that she ate in the car. It was a terrible prospect, and I’m not proud that Blake can say the same. Besides, it’s not just him, it’s Maggie: six months in and she still doesn’t like long car rides. The pacifier helps, but it would be more helpful if she were at home, surrounded by familiar things. Maybe then I could spend more time on getting her to eat.


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