Posted by: rocketbride | June 20, 2012

matter of fact, they’re all in the same complex

The summerizing of my house continues. On Monday my dad installed the one bolt necessary to turn my hammock dreams into hammock reality. And then a lot of this happened:

pure relaxation

It’s bar none my favourite thing right now. There are only a few downsides:

  1. the neighbour’s dog, who is put outside for the entire work day and is consequently bored and hot as shit, barks at me while I’m in it. It circles around the tool shed to get a better barking angle. It only goes away after a solid 5-10 minutes, when it forgets that I’m there. Stupid neglected dog.
  2. After a few minutes the ropes bite into your neck and you really need a pillow.
  3. It’s way too easy to take your mobile device in there with you and lose time.

Minor quibbles. It’s still the best thing ever, especially in the middle of a brutal three-day heat wave.

The other big news is that, after 50 years of existence (5 owned by myself), this house has central air. Mason has been suffering through the summers as best he can, but his allergies and asthma combine with a general tendency to be hot to make him miserable in deepest summer. He was very, very unhappy last summer, so when we were able to get some money with our mortgage, our first major home improvement was a no-brainer. (Second if you count the hammock.)

It’s also turning out to be necessary for Maggie. Yesterday was the first day of the heat wave and also installation day; she spent most of it hot, sticky, sleepless and miserable, unable to be in the only cool part of the house because of all the construction going on in the basement. The poor little mite fell asleep as soon as the house cooled down, and has been catching up ever since.

We spent the weekend at Mason’s sister’s cottage, a gorgeous affair in Wasaga Beach. It’s a condo, and pretty much nicer than our house (sorry house, you know I love you like no other). During our 24 hours, Blake swam, fished & frogged in the pond off the back yard, swam in the kids’ pool, and walked straight out into the bay when we went to the big beach. He was covered in sand most of the time and happier than I’ve seen him in awhile. Maggie was fussed over and fed by everyone, and enjoyed herself right until she demonstrated new competence in rolling by falling off the bed. That part was awful. (The ironic part was that I was spreading blankets on the floor the moment she went over. Gah.)

I try not to be covetous, but man. It was such an awesome set up, and so relaxing, that it’s hard not to want a cottage of our own. Need to pay off this house, of course, and there’s the hammock to finance, but I suppose a girl can dream.


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