Posted by: rocketbride | July 2, 2012

sitting pretty

Blake left this morning, off for a week. The first day he’s gone is always strange for me. I usually cry at some point. But so far things have seemed fine. Maybe it’s just because I’m not asking too much of myself. Most of today has consisted of sitting around, feeding the baby, experimenting with how many people can fit in the hammock, and eating. There may be more relaxing ways to spend the first day of summer vacation but I can’t think of any off-hand.

And speaking of sitting:

july 2

She’s a late sitter, just like her brother. It’s the one thing about her development that’s worried me: I can talk a good game about individual growth and steady progression rather than set milestones, but I’ve been watching babies her age sit for three whole months. Despite the easiness of having a baby who likes to lie down on the floor and play with things in front of her chest, it’s hard not to want her to sit, to creep, to roll. She seems to be two full months behind on physical milestones, not rolling confidently until 7 months and not sitting on her own until today. She is, however, perfectly caught up in social and linguistic milestones.

In essence, she’s a spazzy chatterbox. Why does that seem so familiar?



  1. Both Michelle and Erin were talkers… and did not walk until 17 months. Michelle was (and is) an observer… she never had baby steps, but got up and walked when she had figured it out. Did the same with riding a bike… and riding a horse! No two children are alike. Each are a unique gift from God. Stop comparing and instead revel in the amazing uniqueness of this little girl… who is a gift… a joy… a blessing beyond any other!

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