Posted by: rocketbride | July 3, 2012

water baby

Today I took Maggie to a swim lesson, the first of two solid weeks. We tried swimming in March, and although it produced pictures like this:

march 19

…it must be said that she hated the water, and every lesson was just me seeing how long I could delay a total meltdown. After four disasters, I took the advice of the facilitator at Baby Time and transferred her to a class in the next season. I didn’t really have high hopes for it, but four months may as well be a lifetime as she not only tolerated the water but screamed with laughter when I whirled her around to the hokey pokey. She floated, she kicked, she even went under without screaming.

This is probably the only area of divergence in which I earnestly wished her to be more like her brother, who loved the water from an early age but had the advantage of a pool in his backyard. Loving the water combined with the ability to sit foretells of many fun afternoons on the beach I think.

The other thing she’s doing that’s fun is making smacking sounds with her lips when we kiss her. We’re so close to getting kisses that it makes me giddy.


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