Posted by: rocketbride | July 4, 2012

broke the camel’s back

I’m spending this heatwave hiding indoors. It’s good for the baby’s disposition and I’m really catching up on sleep, but my training schedule has gone all to hell. I think I’m going to invest in a pass for an indoor track, because it’s just way too easy to talk myself out of running when every news cycle starts with the extreme heat alert.

Today Maggie learned how to drink with a straw. We have been letting her have sips of water from our cups, and tonight at Kalendar the waitress brought Maggie a straw with her water glass, so we decided to try it out. This may not have been the smartest thing to teach her, as now we’ll have to work harder to defend our drinks from our little shark.


She followed up her straw triumph by being a very agreeable companion to me at Lettuce Knit night. Although it was just too hot for me to bring out my own knitting, I had fun watching everyone interact with her on the floor. (Why the floor? Because letting her roll around on the tiles was cooler than my lap, of course.) My Wednesdays are rather unbearably packed, so it was nice to be able to get into town, meet the new owner, trawl for gossip (scant), eat vegan cookies and complain about the heat. After a few hours we peeled our sweaty baby off the floor and blasted the air all the way home to cold showers. A happy ending if ever there was one.

july 4


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