Posted by: rocketbride | July 6, 2012

cleaning house

I think I just crossed some sort of insanity line tonight with my running. As if yesterday wasn’t crazy enough: carrying all my gear to the city on the off-chance of squeezing in a run and not telling Mason until it was likely. Tonight I left the house after nine – my bedtime!! – to run. And here’s the extra crazy part: I already worked out with Nic today. But since it wasn’t running it didn’t count. This is what I get for taking three days off at the beginning of the week.

My other nutty concern is my hair. I’m going to insane lengths to protect my pink in all this exertion and hot weather, so cold baths instead of showers. I can probably go one more day before I’m going to have to break out the shampoo. Probably.

We’ve been pulling Blake’s room apart this spring, updating the furniture from his baby stuff and coming to terms with an all-year-round layout. One of my favourite things used to be changing both bedroom layouts in spring and fall, but now that we have central AC, I need to keep the furnace registers uncovered all the time. Hence, the permanent layout. There are a lot of things in his room that got buried under piles of stuff, and a lot of what we’ve been doing is sorting through the stuff that’s been hanging around his room for ages.

There’s something really interesting going on here. Blake is a kid who doesn’t like changes. When I moved the stuffed toys out of his room and into the baby’s, he protested but quickly saw the wisdom in the move. Now that he has a proper bookshelf to house his growing book collection, we have less room for the baskets of random toys. I had thought there would be many many fights about his stuff, but he’s shedding his toys with more rapidity than I could have guessed. All of his Buzz Lightyears, all of his Mr. Potatoheads, stickers, old notes, toy pieces, all gone. Granted, much of it was earmarked for Sage and Maggie, so he’s not making a lot of hard choices, but it’s still weird to see such a profound change from the little boy to the big kid. Somehow, it snuck up on me.

whither the buzz of yesteryear?


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