Posted by: rocketbride | July 9, 2012

1/6 as entertaining as it used to be

It is way too late for me to be dicking around the internet, but here I am, letting my time be stolen. My bed longs for me.

I sat down to look for information on something I heard tonight from a nutritionist, that food isn’t as nutritious as it used to be, and it’s taken more than an hour to get around to googling it. (The jury’s still out, by the way. Apparently new breeds of meat animals and vegetables emphasize quick bulk over flavour, but I’m not that worried. As the article points out, an orange may have a 1/6th of the nutrition it did in my grandparents’ day, but how many oranges were your grandparents eating anyway? Mine survive(d) on coffee and cigarettes, with an occasional infusion of roast beef from the hot table at the Mandarin. The other reason I’m not concerned is that most of the food we cook comes from our farm share and our various meat shares, all of which are composed of heritage breeds. And that anti-locovore jerk can rave all he wants about the wisdom of keeping up with the future, but heritage breeds are just better tasting as well as better for us, so he can suck it as well.)

Today was Blake’s first day at the Arboretum. He came home incredibly out of sorts, so I have yet to decide if this is still a good place for him to spend his summers. I really like the educational aspect of it, but as we enter the fourth year it’s time to start asking him what he wants – that is, if I can separate his genuine interests from his bone-deep desire to be on the couch with his Nintendo, or when he’s reached his screen curfew for the day, a Calvin & Hobbes treasury.

Usually my first Arboretum day is a revelation: summertime without Blake, guilt-free as he’s in one of my favourite places! But since I have another kid at home and I’ve been off with her most of the year, it was a pretty standard day. A bit more laundry than usual, and it was nice to have Mason home for most of it, but the exhilarating rush of the first day was tempered by familiarity. Oh well. I’m sure it will be back next year, if we end up going back. And I got to sing songs to a baby in a hammock, which is pretty great no matter how often I get that privilege.


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