Posted by: rocketbride | July 10, 2012

i felt cheated

I’m feeling a little cheated tonight. Mason is in town tonight, squiring Sage to a swimming lesson, so I had the choice to leave Blake with my parents for the night and start dance classes again, or to stay home with the two kids and my folks. I decided to make my parents happy by proposing a fun evening at the beach, then my mom added Chinese fast food to the proposal. Yum! I was all set to go at 3:30, waiting in the backyard with Maggie and our beach stuff, the both of us shiny with sunblock. Only…it never happened.

My parents had gone straight to the Arb to get Blake, and when they came by an hour later, everything was in tatters. Blake was already in a bad mood as he’d failed his swim test and wasn’t allowed in the deep end. He insisted that he wanted to be taken directly to the beach, so that he could use the rock climbing wall and go home. He didn’t want to come back to pick us up. He didn’t want to stay at the beach once his climbing agenda was met. He ended up being so rude to my dad that my dad had gone home, and my mom was close to losing her own temper. I realized that we were about to take this spoiled little martinet to the beach, to reward him for taking out his frustration on us. No dice.

So I apologized to my mom and let her go home, then I kicked Blake off the couch and onto the porch until the self-aggrandizing dramatics stopped. By the time soup was ready he had come around to the point of unloading the dishwasher and phoning an apology to my parents. It still didn’t make up for losing my dance classes, a greasy meal and another shot at sitting by the water with my baby, but I still got a good soup and a reasonable kid out of the night.

I even had my journal title all picked out and everything. Next time.

I took Maggie to her swim lesson this morning as Mason is working on the farm this week. This is the first time I’ve gone in since the Hair, so I made do with silly little gathered ponytail loops on the top of my head. Foolish but effective. And I was glad to be back in the water with my little kicking frog. I felt a little silly trying to tell her what to do, as she’s too young to follow verbal instructions and I didn’t want to force her arms and legs into position. Sometimes I felt like I had signed up my dog for a creative writing class, and my best bet was to pretend that the random paw strikes were intentional. But! She may be relatively clueless when it comes to floats, yet her kicking is exceptional. She can retrieve a floating toy with speed and grace, using her chubby little arms to scoop it into her trawling mouth. I’m so proud.


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