Posted by: rocketbride | July 11, 2012

summer can officially begin

Busy day today. I’ve decided to use this year’s Knitting Olympics (a.k.a. the non-copyright-infringing Ravellenic Games) to contribute to the church bazaar. I tried making ornaments several years ago, but I priced myself out of the market and no one was happy. This time I just went to the queen bee and asked what she wanted me to make; that was this morning. After a visit that included my mom, tea for me and a biscuit for Maggie it was decided that I would crank out mittens, and maybe a baby blanket if I get really bored.

After this high-level meeting, I ran out the door to Maggie’s swim lesson, where she continues to amaze me with her water skills. Now when we chase floating toys, she kicks to the toy, grabs it, and rolls on her back to chew it like an otter. It’s pretty wonderful.

After we picked up Blake from camp, we took him to the library to get signed up for the summer reading program, and to get started on our summer book binge. It seems like I have the same manic reaction to hot weather, no matter if I’ve been working or not, which is to grab a whole mess of books all at once. Of course I’m only encouraged in this behaviour by my hammock, which maketh all things lazy and good.

Our final event of the day was a baseball game, my second of the regular season. Mason & I are in charge of coaching later this summer, so I suppose I’ll have to learn some names rather than just calling kids “Freckles” and “Goofy.” We managed to tie the score, our first non-loss of the year. I spent most of the game with Maggie as she giggled on a blanket, and it was pretty great. I wish I wasn’t having such a good time at these events; it makes my “I hate baseball” stance so much harder to prove.


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