Posted by: rocketbride | July 12, 2012

admiring the baby garden

Another busy day today, but if feels good to be moving. I spent a few weeks sludging around and the energy – even if it’s keeping me up past my bedtime – is a welcome change. This morning I delivered Blake to what he calls “the Arb”, went shopping for salad ingredients, and mixed up a kale salad that ended up being so sour it permanently puckered my mouth. Not realizing how potent it was, I went to swim class with Maggie (who was very grumpy and Didn’t Want To Float), then took the offending salad to a potluck. And I was potlucky that everyone had mostly eaten by the time we blew in the backyard, because, whew. Sour.

Despite my Nuclear Sour Salad, they let me stay and we had an excellent time with Maggie’s baby friends. She’s missed Baby Time for the past two weeks so that I could take her to swim lessons, and I have the delusion that she needs to see her baby friends. The reality is that she probably recognizes the table leg more readily than some of the babies, but whatever. I need to see some mommies. And it was good for us to get out. I love playgroups and I love being out in the sunshine with my baby, even if it means I have to improvise and feed her bits of salad instead of pureed cubes from our well-stocked freezer. I just wish we hadn’t been so late with the swim lesson that people left almost as soon as we got there. For a few minutes I was afraid that we would have a repeat of the first department party I ever hosted.* But half a dozen moms stayed on, so that was ok.

baby garden

Our evening was a blur of Blake-retrieval, veggies at the farm, dinner preparation, hanging laundry, eating, and throwing on baseball stuff for a practice. I got to hang out with Miss Maggie on the couch, nursing her and calming her down, before I had to put on shoes and a hat again and saunter out the door. Mason has decided to take on the duties of Assistant Coach in a serious way, not just for the weeks my parents will be out of town, so he bought himself a glove and is also trying to learn some names. He even thinks he may want to play in my dad’s old timer’s league next year, which will mean even more time on the sidelines for me. Secretly I’m enjoying this, though. It’s always fun to see Mason transformed by enthusiasm, even if it’s for something I’m not ready to admit that I enjoy.

“Aleta, you’re just going to have to face the fact that you love [baseball].”
josie’s paraphrased advice about ceilidh

* In which the whole crowd waited almost four hours for a departing staff member to show up, and then left as soon as she did. Mason, Blake and I were left with her and her fiancée in the backyard, making awkward small talk as they ate some of the potluck remains, and hoping they would leave soon so we could clean up and go to bed.



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