Posted by: rocketbride | July 19, 2012

shelving my concerns

Day four of Better Living Through Shelving. We’ve hit some serious problems with the new units. One of my old units doesn’t colour-match, which wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t to be part of a side-by-side combination. The extra-deep unit isn’t working in Blake’s room: all of his books are getting buried and it’s losing the sophistication I wanted. My parents just think he should double-stack his books, not understanding that that doesn’t create functional bookshelves. This afternoon I was ready to tear the deep unit apart and exchange it for something useful. Now I’m not so sure. It might be worth a hundred bucks to just buy a proper unit and not have to rip apart the deep one and ship it back to the store. Plus: more shelves.

The other thing I did with my day is go back to the Early Years Centre for some singing and playing, baby-style. Now that Maggie sits, I can appreciate the songs in a whole new way. And I love love love the two-tooth grin when she recognizes her favourite song, sung by me, her favourite singer. Babies are so great for that.


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