Posted by: rocketbride | July 22, 2012

king and queen of the kawarthas

We’re home. I love the Kawarthas. Mason & I spent a fair amount of time batting around the living possibilities. It’s not really like Wolfville, but it’s also very much like Wolfville in that it’s pastoral mixed with sophistication. And staying with Mason’s parents is always fun, because I get so see how happy our kids are with their families. Maggie in particular was well-behaved. By the end of the weekend she would stare adoringly at her papa whenever he came by. I started joking that Mason had been demoted to “Young Papa” and Sage to “Baby Papa.” It’s also fun to have the kids at arm’s length for a bit: they’re loved and happy and I appreciate them more when we’re alone with them again.

Not to mention we all get ice cream every day and trips in the golf cart!

papa's girl

nana's girl

“What can Maggie have for dessert?”
“Nothing. She’s fine.”
“How about pie?”
“No. Really, she’s fine. She just ate a lot of carrots.”
“Ice cream?”
“No. She hasn’t ever have dessert; she won’t feel bad.”

Mason & I had a bit of a morning date today. We had decided to go to a local United Church on my mother’s suggestion, rather than racing back home for services. When it was time to go, Maggie was having her nap and Sage was involved in his toys, so they stayed behind with their grandparents. One hour turned into two when we drove to a nearby town to check out a yarn/bookshop, then had lunch in a French bistro, then bought fudge and Kawartha dairy ice cream and Mennonite maple syrup. By the time we came back Maggie was enjoying her first ride on the golf cart and Sage had eaten his own weight in peanut butter.

eating on the porch

silly in sepia

Me: “Sage, you’re the king of this place.”
Sage: [twirling around before flopping on the couch] “I’M THE KING OF THIS PLACE!!”


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