Posted by: rocketbride | July 25, 2012

sacre bleu!

We drove home from Montreal, straight into a ball game. Nothing like a day in the car to get you ready for four thrilling innings. The other team was playing a whole different game, full of “expectations” and “players watching the ball.” I don’t care about the fact that we lost again, I care about the fact that every single team member behaved better than I’ve ever seen them. More players stayed on their feet in the in-field, fewer players had to be told to put their bats away, and we’re generally doing more playing and less, well, playing. Maybe the bar is low, but at least we can say that we’ve shown tremendous improvement. And there’s nowhere to go but up.

The drive home was fine. I bought Blake a copy of Charlotte’s Web while we were visiting with Mason’s parents, and he’s been loving it on this trip. Maggie slept a good portion of the way, and I got a lot done on my Clapotis project. The only downside was that we found it hard to get more water when we ran out, and Miss Maggie had to be changed in a ditch when she started to smell and the traffic was at a stand-still. That, and Ontario is still as humid as hell, while we enjoyed some cooler temperatures and wind in Montreal. Yes, I’d be there still if I could afford to live in the luxury hotel. I’m starting to feel sympathy for Sartre, who was too important to wash a dish. I could use a complimentary bathrobe right about now.

It occurs to me that I never did discuss our luxe hotel room. Mason has a taste for beauty, so when we decided to go back to Montreal and he was in charge of the accommodations, he went 180 degrees from my usual hostel/camping/cheap out by booking at the Saint Suplice in Vieux Montreal. We had one of the cheapest, least appointed rooms, which meant that we only had one queen bed and a pull-out couch, and our kitchenette was in the same room. We had a fridge, a full set of dishes & cutlery, an i-Pod dock, a playpen for Magpie, a stove and a gorgeous bathroom with a spa-sized tub. Blake was in love immediately, especially with lounging in his sofa bed, watching cartoons in the morning. I loved the tub, and the playpen that kept Maggie sleeping soundly and safely. Not sure what Mason loved, unless it was everything. It was also incredibly convenient, located steps away from the port and right in the middle of our favourite part of Montreal. As I said before, I’d be there still if I could make the finances work. Maybe I could be a French philosopher.



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