Posted by: rocketbride | July 29, 2012


I’ve got a lot banging about in my head right now, different little Hillside stories and fun bits from our whirlwind trip to Montreal at the beginning of the week, but it’ll have to wait a while. I finally finished Mason’s present five minutes ago, after an afternoon of false starts hidden away in Sage’s room with the door closed. As of tomorrow I will have been married to Mason for 366 days, and although I took until the very last minute to get his gift together, it’s done. If only I could find my wedding ring: I took it off one morning last week to put sunblock on Blake, and I haven’t seen it since. My house’s clutter can and will eat everything nice.

Today we puttered around with running, laundry and church, trying not to think of the final Hillside day we gave up to protect Mason from a reoccurrence of the worst allergy/asthma attack of his life. We thought that last year’s sickness was brought on by heat exhaustion; turns out it’s the pollens of Guelph Lake Conservation area. Joel Plaskett is playing right now, and I’ve already forfeited Geoff Berner, Bahamas & Great Lake Swimmers as of this writing. I just have to hope that everyone stays healthy and we can get Mason back on the island next year without his sinuses filling and his chest locking up.

I did a run this morning, which was absolute insanity considering that I killed my legs in Montreal on Tuesday, worked out harder than I ever have in my life on Friday afternoon, and spent Friday and Saturday hauling around a backpack as big as myself full of Hillside essentials. What’s even more insane is that it was about as hard as my first runs were ten weeks ago, when I only had to run for a minute before I got to walk for two. The palmy days of yore.


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