Posted by: rocketbride | August 2, 2012

plan L

We had lunch with Ang today, but because all the best details are secret,* I’ll tell a different story.

When we were still at the cottage, Blake started talking about school starting again in September. Maybe it was the prospect of going home, or seeing his dad (and not playing his DS), or just the psychological impact of finishing July. In any case, he wanted me to know that he didn’t want to go back to school.

“Me neither,” I said.

But since he wasn’t looking for agreement, he got more agitated. I tried to remind him that he had been afraid of the year past, but as soon as he found his teacher and class, it was better. He started saying that he would kill himself, or blow up the school rather than go back. “What do you want to do, then?” I asked, “run away?” Yes. That’s what he wanted to do.

So I told him that he and I would run away to Labrador at the end of August. We would leave our life behind. We would both have to get jobs. He could learn to hunt moose with a bow and arrow. (At this point Mason interjected, pointing out that you don’t have to live that way on Labrador anymore. But if you could, I countered, why wouldn’t you?)

We batted this idea about for a day. I promised to take Maggie. I told him we would have to live under new names, or his dad would send the police after us for kidnapping. He asked why we couldn’t just stay here, so I told him about truancy laws.

Finally, on the way home, he announced that he would try to go to school for a few years. “But I’m NOT going to middle school.” I told him we could dust off the Labrador plan in 2 years.

* Except for the amusing revelation that at her new school she will be working with Grace & Samuel from the Hogsboro High English Department that was. I fb’d Grace to laud Ang and warn her to be good to her. They don’t deserve her, but then again, neither did we.



  1. I could help you refine plan L…it truly is an awesome place to live, that is if you can stand bitter cold and know exactly what the outlets are for all over the towns…

    • i am apparently the mother of calvin, as blake reads the strips constantly and quotes them even more constantly! also, plan L seems like something we should scheme over tea soon.

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