Posted by: rocketbride | August 3, 2012

another interesting diaper change

Today was our second full day of resting, which of course was filled with the tasks and appointments we put off to travel. My hair was re-fuschia’d and Mason’s trimmed to his summer standards, Mason bought a bike, the two of us crammed a cupcake down our gullets, and we had dinner with Sage at Volo. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Baby Ian, who lives in the vicinity, but my plans were too last minute and Ian never responded. I had to drown my sorrow in a saison and a meat pie.

I love Bar Volo, but there is a constant tension between restaurants we love and our ability to take our kids. I am a bit of a warrior mom, in that I feel perfectly comfortable nursing and changing my kids anywhere, as long as I’m somewhere worth being. Tonight I decided against wedging Maggie into the tiny dim ladies’ room floor, so I was about to change her on a planter outside when the chef offered to take me into the staff room. What an absurd and lovely privilege, to change my stinky little baby under a memo board and next to a sign warning staff to remove all personal belongings at the end of every shift. It made me love Volo that much more.


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