Posted by: rocketbride | August 5, 2012

oh, four-year-olds

Feeling lazy today. Did my run this morning and ended up panting, covered in an icky mix of sweat and condensation. Stupid humidity. Thank God for the wind that blew up after, keeping me in a cross-breeze at church. By the time the afternoon rolled around I was even able to take Maggie for a frolic on the front lawn.

The most interesting thing that happened today is that Sage apologized to me when I was buckling him into the car. When I asked him why he was sorry, he said it was because he told his mummy that he wished I was dead. Blake thought it was because Sage was mad at me, which he agreed with. Then I suggested it was because Sage wanted his mummy & daddy to be together, with which he also agreed. Eventually he said that he wanted someone else to be his Meema because he didn’t like his stepmom.

By the time we had worked through this, we were at Castle U.P. Freely (a.k.a. Casa Nova) and Sage wanted to see Blake’s other bedroom, so we went up and I taught the boys how to jump in the elevator. (I learned this from Ophelia when I was 20, but I never do it because Mason disapproves.)

Mason was horrified when I told him (about the death-wish, not about the jumping), but I’m not really upset. For one thing, I’m pretty sure Sage’s motives aren’t hurtful. For another, four year olds are emotionally manipulative assholes, something I’ve known ever since Blake started telling me that he didn’t love me.

Must knit now. I’m currently 3 mittens behind on my Olympics project, which may mean I won’t get a gold. Some serious couch time is in order.


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