Posted by: rocketbride | August 12, 2012

camp = time

I survived family camp and all I got was this awesome tie-dyed t-shirt:

@kevinselection, i took one of my @bssmusic shirts to camp an... on Twitpic I am exhausted, dirty and my living room is full of stinky laundry. I figure that after I deal with the first two, I can work on the third. Family camp was awesome. We were the only family that didn’t have a parent who had been a camper/staff member in years past, but everyone was so nice it hardly mattered. I got tonnes of help with Maggie, so I only felt frantic a tiny slice of the time, and that was mostly when Blake had disappeared or was begging to do something I couldn’t do with the baby in my arms (like canoe). The teenage leaders were tremendous, like teens from another planet. Not only were they helpful with the kids, they also took care of Maggie and had reasonable conversations with me. And? They offered to get me food and drinks if I was sitting with the baby. Teens aren’t like this in my experience. It was all pretty amazing.

I think Blake had an awesome time too, although it’s hard to get a definitive answer from someone whose favourite activity now and forever is roasting marshmallows, no matter where it happens. He got to scale a rock climbing wall, paddle a canoe and a kayak, swim, tie-dye, and chuck some balls around. I got to watch Maggie nap, feed her as she perched in the middle of the table, take photos of her in decaying logs, and negotiate among her many admirers. It was pretty much the best of all possible weekends, considering I had primary responsibility for a babe in arms and a kid who didn’t want to go to sleep before 10 or stop climbing old trees for any reason. I missed Mason. I hope we get to be a huge family next year, and that Blake will be part of the kids camp as well. I look forward to being old hands.


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