Posted by: rocketbride | August 15, 2012

shark bait!

Kind of a weird day today. I hit the ground running, getting the house ready for cleaning. And I did a good job too, which I measure by the smallness of “deal with it later” piles. All of the lifting and sorting and thinking and hauling is all so beautifully paid off when I come home in the afternoon and my house is immaculate. Especially since I came in from the gym, so any guilt I might feel for not cleaning myself was cancelled out by the virtuous feeling of exercise endorphins.

Other than the early morning effort, today was pretty relaxed. We hung around my dad’s basement watching You Think There Will Be A Shark Attack; No, It Was Just A Close Call while Maggie slept. When we got home I started typing up my handwritten entries from our Montreal trip, and got some of the July backlog online. Mason made a delicious tomato sauce and we had it with some really great imported noodles. Blake’s game was a forfeit, but the kids did a good job and Maggie had great fun on the sidelines being cooed over. The only weird thing was a conversation I had with the Boy, but since I’m not going to use this blog to bitch about my ex, there’s not a lot to dish otherwise.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to more catch-up, more ketchup, and more cats up…in the air, where they won’t bother my allergies? Yeah. Don’t know what I’m talking about either.


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