Posted by: rocketbride | August 16, 2012


Today we completed the process of destroying my husband. Yesterday it was a harsh workout and a medical breathing test. Today it was hours of harvesting. By the time we got to tonight’s softball practice, he was swearing every time he had to lunge for a ball. He’s in bed now, having gone to sleep as soon as the baby went down. I took over driving my dad to the airport, as he’s about to join my mom in Amsterdam and start cruising through the Baltics.

It only took me a year, but I’ve driven my husband past the warranty. Damn it.

Major achievements today: running to the library with two hardcover books bouncing on my back, harvesting kale and swiss chard, and figuring out a new way to make Maggie happy when her tummy’s upset (it’s nursing, the answer to all of her problems). Tomorrow we’re leaving this house again, which is becoming something of a drag, but. The Kawarthas calls. Maggie & Sage have been putting up with our mediocrity too long; it’s time to go where the real fun is at.


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