Posted by: rocketbride | August 20, 2012

smell ya later, fat arm country

We didn’t sleep a lot last night, so today was all about taking it easy. Meals were comfort food, dominated by a huge block of cheddar cheese we brought home from the K’s. I did a lot of crocheting and eventually worked my way through a whole bag of chips. And this, if you’re wondering, is one of the reasons why my new running hobby isn’t having a noticeable effect on my waistline. Because I may have embraced physical activities, but I have yet to break up with my salty potato chip boyfriend…or his ice creamy sister for that matter.

One thing that is sort of worth mentioning is that after years of sporadic attention to my upper body, I can finally make a muscle in my bicep that impresses a four-year-old. I’m not ready to sign up for my first bodybuilding competition yet, but it is nice to finally move out of Fat Arm Country, Canada.


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