Posted by: rocketbride | August 24, 2012

what a scoop!

It’s ridiculously late, so I’ll keep this short. We were busy (again), trying to get all of our summer errands done before the summer abandons us. Mason did his long ride today, getting almost to Hogsboro neighbourhoods. Blake was fairly calm most of the day, and I was thrilled to find out that he passed another swim level: that’s 2 levels in 2 sessions. Considering how many times I had to register him in the first level, this is a huge deal.

We went downtown to do a little bit of shopping, hangouts and yarn tasting. The shopping went well, as we found another cute as pie children’s bookstore called Ella Minnow and scooped up four books on the spot. I also found a wide-brimmed replacement for my chewed up run-over summer hat while walking down the street; Maggie also got a small white fedora from the same place and she looks REEDICULOUSLY cute. Baby reporter! What a scoop!

august 24

The hangouts with Scherezade didn’t quite happen, as she was late and then I had to go knit. I didn’t even get my hug, as she slipped away with her ride before I knew she had left the scene. Boo.

I have to say, though, yarn tasting was excellent. Lots of good conversations with quality people, plus fun hangouts with pajama-clad Maggie, plus Blake quietly reading and blending in with everyone. My prizes were a cool book on embroidery and a wicked awesome ninja bunny project bag celebrating Knitty’s 10th anniversary. Blake helped to hand out bags, and got one for his troubles. An excellent night.


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