Posted by: rocketbride | August 25, 2012

q u, they’re always a pair, make kw sounds together

I’ve been drinking too much caffeine lately, and my sleep’s all screwed up. I’m tired all day and wired all night. Today was a bit of a slog, but we had so many fun things to do that I forgot I was tired until we came home.

august 25

We started out in the market, picking up our meat share and touching base with our farmer, who has been a ghost this summer. He’s always busy, but this year he seems to be at his other job way more than he’s at the farm. We bought fruit and bread, and Mason ate a fish taco as fast as he could. By the time we finished up, it was so close to lunch time that it just made sense to pick up Brick Street sandwiches and lemonade from a stand run by two little girls. We went home, stashed the meat, and strapped ourselves in for Burlington, home of Sammystock.

Sammystock is the summer party to celebrate Q & Magdalene’s visit to Canada. We haven’t seen them since they moved to Europe, and all evidence to the contrary, we sort of expected Sammy to still be the chubby awesome baby we met then. (Sammy is the only baby, other than our own, that we’ve ever missed the next day.) He’s now a 3-year-old with an impressive grasp of the alphabet, which made me wish that I’d brought him a copy of Here Come the ABC’s, my favourite alphabet-themed art project.

It was a good party, and even though we didn’t really know anyone other than Q & Magdalene, we felt really comfortable all afternoon. Even Blake had fun with the kids his age. But we had to go home eventually, so we came back to make pork chops and harvest veg from my parents’ neglected garden. They’ll be back next week and if they see how much we left to rot on the vine, there will be recriminations. We had to leave early tonight because there was no more room in Blake’s bike basket for produce. Also, the sight of so much grown with so little tending after five years of veg failure in my own garden was a little hard to take.

Tomorrow is a baby shower, running, and probably more bean picking. Quite the life I’ve made for myself.


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