Posted by: rocketbride | August 31, 2012

butter sculptures make everything better

we stand on guard for CNE

So, after dropping the “Blake needs glasses” bombshell on us all yesterday, it’s something of a relief to go back to the minutiae of describing my day. Today we went to the Ex, which is a lot more fun when it’s not 40 frigging degrees and you have a sweaty baby who’s too hot to sleep and a sweaty 8-year old who’s too jazzed about rides to stop for lunch. Thank God my parents were able to take charge of both Blake and his buddy, who seemed bent on doing every ride at least twice. After lunch we split up, letting the four of them go on to more rides while Mason & I ate ice cream and perused the Farm building. Maggie had a short nap until woken by the smell of the pigs, and the three of us enjoyed the butter Rob Ford. Then we got into our air-conditioned car and went home, leaving the crazy quartet to their “all day ride pass.” The two rides I wanted to go on left me shaking and nauseas anyway.

Maggie was so thrilled to be home that she spent a full twenty minutes giggling to her toys and delicately eating a hair she found on the floor. Sigh. Poor hot flushed tired baby. I love her so much.


how did a baby get to pilot a jet?



  1. […] to take advantage of the last week of summer vacation. On Friday we went to the Ex, following last year’s pattern of two mostly-separate groups pursuing different pleasures. If my parents weren’t along, I […]

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