Posted by: rocketbride | September 4, 2012

reunited and it feels so good

I absolutely made the right choice to come back to work in September. Not that today wasn’t miserable for me, Maggie or Mason; it was. But at least I was in a place where low-grade misery was the norm, where students and teachers alike looked at the walls, looked at each other and thought, huh. This again. It rained all day. Thank heaven for pathetic fallacy. I wore my big green boots and a dress that doesn’t offer easy access to my breasts, a choice I regretted when Mason came to pick me up and I saw my love blinking sadly at me behind her moustache pacifier. I took her away from her many admirers, back to my classroom where I stretched out the neckline of my dress to feed her. Mason told me she had been on a hunger strike most of the day, crumbling only in the face of o’s. She’s sick, and our evening tonight was a snotty mess of sleepy sadness, punctuated by the occasional huge sneeze that sprays her chin with snot and makes her grin hugely. She’s finally asleep. I love her so much.

september 4


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