Posted by: rocketbride | September 6, 2012


I just finished my run, which was supposed to be to the library and back but ended up being an odyssey through underlit streets. I realized tonight that I’m running a 5k in 2 Sundays, with the problem being that I’ve never run 5k. I ran almost 3 and a half k on Monday, but that isn’t even close. So I decided that I would just keep doing my sets of 10 and 1’s until I got to 5k. It took 42 minutes, but I did it. I’m not discouraged by my time; it’s Sage’s job to be the fastest anyway.

This fits nicely into my two running goals: run the Terry Fox with Team Untastic, and the Oktoberfest 5k; and keep running through the winter. I know that’s not a lot of goals, but I’m still feeling pretty amazed that I can run in the first place. I’m not ready to put more pressure on myself.

Speaking of running, I might be doing the Terry Fox again with Amelie. I had planned to run it at school, but I hadn’t realized that the gym teacher who used to do it is away with a new baby, and since Amelie & I have slightly older babies it’s up to us. Again.

It’s a little weird because of what’s going on at the provincial level right now. With the government legislating our contract without bothering to negotiate, we won’t be able to use Work to Rule as a tactic without breaking the law. At the same time, many of us feel that volunteering our time for extracurricular activities is condoning this treatment, so we are considering making a personal choice to step away from the extra things we all do every day. Organizing the Terry Fox run falls somewhere in a grey area: I consider it less a school activity than a community activity that is run through the school. Will my colleagues feel the same way? I really don’t know. I would hate for them to call me a scab, especially when my ankles are actually scabby from the day I had to spend 8 hours in knee-high rain boots.


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