Posted by: rocketbride | September 7, 2012

springrolls grapevine

Today Teija asked if I were tired. I said yes, but only because I got caught up in election night coverage, and pushed back my bedtime much farther than was wise. “I ran a 5k last night,” I confided. And, like the first week of my first spin class, I felt the energy all day today. It was only after dinner that I felt the ache in the middle of my back that signifies a body that has had enough of my shenanigans.

We had dinner out tonight, a date night in which we have to feed our imperious squawking exhausted and snotty daughter while our own food cools. Poor baby has had a rough week; I don’t begrudge her some warm wontons. It just so happened that one of Blake’s team-mates was dining in the same restaurant, which was how we found out that tomorrow’s tournament of champions is cancelled in anticipation of heavy rains. When we got home I called my dad, telling him before he could tell me.

“How did you know?”

“I have my sources.”



  1. […] Weekend” with Little Champs Day, a.k.a. the baseball tournament that was supposed to happen last weekend. Our team finished the year strong: we lost, but it was a hard-fought loss. If we hadn’t gone […]

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