Posted by: rocketbride | September 8, 2012

i’ve got a beverage here!

Today was supposed to be the glorious finale of our softball team but we were rained out. So instead of watching my favourite bunch of chuckleheads lose one more game, we took the baby to the market and helped Bob sell veg in the rain. We’re getting to know Bhavana, another volunteer who has a daughter almost exactly Maggie’s age and a husband who likes cooking in the French style. It’s like I’m talking to myself!

september 8


We were trying to hook up with Scherezade while we were all downtown, but we couldn’t manage a connection. So Mason & Maggie & I had lunch at the Ceili, then bought some sweets to take to Scherezade’s house in the north end of the city. Gosia was also there, so we all stuffed pumpkin tarts and cupcakes on top of our bloated lunchy bellies and then sat around complaining about how full we were. After Gosia left, the four of us hung around the backyard picking ugly apples, then went inside to flop on the couch. We managed to keep Ashanti the crazy dog from doing anything bitey or barky, and she and Maggie might even be friends. Someday.

We finished our old school hangout with rotis in front of the Big Lebowski. It’s Scherezade’s birthday on Monday, so it’s fitting that my family should be kicking it as if it were the old days again: snacks, movies and Scherezade’s house. If only we could all fit on the queen mattress.

“Shut the f up, Donnie.”


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