Posted by: rocketbride | September 10, 2012

1 down, 9 to go

I stayed home sick today, which means that I’ve worked a whopping four days this year. Good for me. I was dizzy and husky voiced and achey all over, so I wrote up some boring work for my kids and took it easy all day. I even gave up my class run, although I fully intend to run tomorrow night even if I have to spend the whole run with a headache (as I did yesterday).

Mason was super good to me and upgraded my usual sick day lunch of Kraft Dinner to a pasta with fresh tomatoes and broccoli in a roasted garlic cream sauce. He’s the best. And it seems to have worked: I’m much less hurty, although if I don’t go to bed soon I’m going to undo all the good I’ve done myself.

Eventually I’m going to have to tell the hospital story, as it’s one of my current favourites “live.” But obviously not tonight.


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