Posted by: rocketbride | September 13, 2012

from the nave to th’chops

Today has been all about crazy, over-the-top efforts. Maybe I’m just feeling a little let down that the provincial government has trampled on my employment rights, and I feel I have to be stricter about following the letter of my contract: no breakfast club, no SAC, no nothing. I have been teaching Macbeth for roughly a billion years at this point, every year that I’ve taught, and usually more than once a year. Today when we read Scene 2, I used a tote bag of props to illustrate the language. Students used Blake’s foam sword to unseam the merciless Macdonwald from nave to chops, after which the felted head of J. Harvey was balanced on the overhead projector in lieu of battlements. I also had the purple-faced witch puppet for Scene 3, although it was mostly cuddled by female students and didn’t actually add to the spookiness. I brought in our portable record player yesterday so that I could share the eeriness of Timber Timbre in the only format I own, which created an endless source of fascination for the kids.

“Miss, have you heard of this thing called MP3’s?”

Anyway. I’m putting tonnes of effort into my teaching right now, and I only hope that I don’t flame out and disappoint everyone when it’s not all crazy props and throwing Cabbage Patch kids onto the ground (coming up soon!).

j harvey hangs
remember this guy?

As if that wasn’t enough, I convinced Amelie to run with me at lunch. It was far from ideal: she is coming down with a cold, it was boiling hot, and I got a stitch halfway through. But we made it. She’s such a trooper. She kept her lunch run date with me even though she felt crappy, even though she had already run today. That’s awesomeness right there.

I should have called off the effort right there, but something compelled me to try and fit a work-out with Nic into my evening. It always seems easy when I’m setting it up, and then the day fills up with automotive appointments, kung fu practice, vegetable pick-up and the small matter of dinner. Meanwhile Maggie just wants to be nursing continually.

Next time I’ll try to be kinder to myself. I won’t be everything to everyone. I’ll workout once a day. I will eat lunch rather than subsist on vegan raw food crackers, cramming in my real lunch in the last 10 minutes before I have to be enthusiastic about Shakespeare. I will let Maggie nurse quietly.

What a beautiful dream. Sometimes the most unattainable goals are the most sensible ones.


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