Posted by: rocketbride | September 15, 2012

i’m ready to play today

high five!

Today we continued the “It’s All About Blake Weekend” with Little Champs Day, a.k.a. the baseball tournament that was supposed to happen last weekend. Our team finished the year strong: we lost, but it was a hard-fought loss. If we hadn’t gone into the fourth inning, we would have won. Blake was hard-hit by this ending, sulking through the trophies and the cheering. As one of the two team members who stayed in the park, he got to compete in the Golden Glove competition. He lost that too, and sulked even more despite getting a cool “participant” medal. (I ended up wearing it later in the day, as did Maggie.)

september 15

two brothers

Once that was done, Mason went off to get our monthly meat share and I took the kids home for a quiet afternoon. Maggie was a little trooper, but she missed her morning nap and almost fell asleep during the Golden Glove, snuggled up to my chest in Nadia’s blanket. My dad offered to take the boys to the church rummage sale, but Blake’s whinging made him regret this offer, and the both of them were dumped back at home. I put on a video for Sage and caught up on the bills, something that has been shamefully neglected since I went back to work.

A little later we got my dad to come over and bike with Blake to the library. Sage, Maggie & I were to follow on foot, but as soon as they pedalled away Sage had a messy, teary breakdown, wailing that he just wanted to beat Blake but he couldn’t because Blake was so fast. I tried to cheer him up by reminding him that he would be leaving Maggie behind in a few years, and that he would catch up to Blake pretty soon. He calmed down, and declared, “I would never do that to Maggie because I love her.” Aw.

Mason met us at the library and we all went home to start dinner. Blake got more and more whiny as he got hungrier and more tired; I tried taking them outside, I tried letting him watch a video until Maggie had to take a nap, and I tried to be patient. Ultimately a chicken dinner fixed his wagon, and he went to bed much happier than he got out of it this morning.

As soon as the kids were in bed I went on my “shake out run” to prepare for tomorrow’s race. I’ve raised almost $200 for Terry Fox, and tomorrow morning I join Team Untastic in Mississauga to run a 5k for Terry. I finally figured out how to load music on my phone, which turned out to be a mistake. As soon as I started running to “Backed Out on the…” I was enjoying myself so much that I had goosebumps and was running way too fast. Also “the Cap’m”. Also I was dancing down the street to “When I Come Home.” Maybe I should just stick to CBC radio.


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