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Today was my first 5K. It wasn’t the first race that I’ve signed up for – that would be the Oktoberfest Fun Run next month – but when Mat told me I should run with Team Untastic, I took up the challenge. I managed to double my fundraising goal thanks to my parents, who were very generous. But really I was doing it because it seems only right to dedicate my first official effort to Terry. I’m unabashedly sentimental about the Marathon of Hope.

team untastic FTW!!

We took the whole family plus my dad to help with the kids. This turned out to be a necessary arrangement as Blake decided to run with me at the last minute, prompting Sage to ask if he could walk the route. My dad and Mason ended up taking Sage & Maggie (in her stroller) through the route, turning around just before the official turning point. I was supposed to run with Blake, but when I looked down to start the timer on my phone he took off before I realized what he was doing. I started running with Mat and his friend in the pink (to whom I was properly introduced of course), feeling a low-grade panic. I hung back, thinking he was behind me. I told the others what was wrong and Mat took off ahead, a bright neon pillar of strength. I made small talk about running and knitting while a part of my mind tried to plan what I would say to my parents about the untimely death of their first grandson, who had been trampled by runner and then kicked into Lake Ontario by a rowdy dog named Fudge. Then Mat texted my pink-clad partner to report that he had found Blake up ahead. Whew.

When we caught up Mat was holding Blake’s long sleeve shirt as they ran. I thanked him profusely, embarrassed that my kid had once again become the unwitting centre of a manhunt. He offered to stay with us, but I was pretty sure that I could handle Blake if I could see him, so Mat took off for the 10K turn around and I scolded Blake while we ran.

He was a pretty great running mate for all that. He kept up a good pace, made sure to catch up if he needed to rest, and did an awesome run-dance while listening to “Figure 8” on my phone. We finished in less than 40 minutes, although the exact time was lost to posterity later in the day when Blake decided to save batteries and shut off my phone when I was out of the room. It was an excellent finish and I’m very much looking forward to next year’s run. Next time with fewer surprises! (Although Sage will still probably want to stop at the swings.)

the taste of victory

I’ve been remarkably sleepy for the rest of the day, which is weird as I didn’t get wiped out by the 5k’s I did for practice (all 5 of them). All I wanted to do when we got home was sit outside, watch my family in the hammock, eat pretzel M&M’s, and veg with “The Throne of Fire.” Fortunately we had nothing on and were able to do all of that.




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