Posted by: rocketbride | September 17, 2012


In honour of this article, I’ve decided to stop referring to myself is “busy.” The article makes the point that most of us use the idea of “busy” as a self-important way to insist that we matter, when we don’t. So I won’t say that I was especially busy tonight, as I chose all of my activities gladly, but I will say that I did many things in short order.

It’s amazing how much a tiny change in perspective can improve my mood.

We’re having a difficult time with Blake in the mornings, which I believe is called parenthood and should be sympathized with accordingly. Mornings went ok when I was home, as my presence in the house gave him an extra hour to toot around and get ready for school. Why, I even had time to make him smoothies most days! Unfortunately, now that I’m back to work, smoothies have slipped by the wayside, along with unhurried breakfasts and staying barefoot all day. I had thought, naively as it turns out, that Blake would do as well with Mason at home as he did with me. But Blake is in a continual power struggle with all parental authority figures (see above, re: it’s called parenthood) and he has yet to accept Mason as the alpha male of the house.

This morning we got him ready early and shipped him off to my parents’ house. I am totally fine with this, except for the on-going argument about walking. My dad likes to drive Blake to my house, and then walk the rest of the way. Now that I clock the distances in the neighbourhood, I have become incredibly ashamed of driving the 2/3K to my parents’ house not to mention the 1/4K from my house to the school, and I feel irrationally that they should feel similarly. Also, Blake doesn’t need to be walked to school any more because he is in Grade 4. My parents strongly disagree. Thus, we argue.

My other problem is that I can’t leave the house at night without bedtime becoming a huge struggle. Tonight I went to a La Leche League Meeting with Maggie, and I came back to find that Blake had told Mason “screw you,” and spent the rest of the night denying it. Nice.

I really don’t want to stay home every night, but I’m starting to feel that it’s unfair to leave Mason to face this alone.



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