Posted by: rocketbride | September 18, 2012


Continuing in my effort to avoid the idea of “busy,” I’ll say that my day was packed but also gratifying. It rained all morning, so instead of pushing with our Short Story unit I asked for help getting paper up on my bulletin boards, and we relaxed for a little while. Eventually I gathered the wherewithal to teach a story, but it was a near thing.

In my prep period I went downstairs and cracked open the Terrry Fox event with Amelie. After one whole period of hard work, we narrowed down our action list to 10 items. (Number 8 is “run.”) We may have a grim year ahead at our jobs, but our school will celebrate the legacy of Terry Fox, damn it, and neither of us will be stepping on the toes of our union leaders.

At lunch I had a long conversation with HB & KH about stag & does, seeing as I was asked to help out with Juuki’s. After lunch I taught two periods of Macbeth, keeping the energy high and trying to get the class interested in what was going on. I’ve been using props like crazy. I only hope I don’t burn out and get boring.

It was after school that things started to fall apart. I tried to introduce the idea of the cake exchange to a new person, and felt like I freaked her out. I ran through a student council meeting, barking information at them about Terry Fox before leaving the building. When I got the car Maggie was absolutely miserable. And I realized that I hadn’t let the Boy know that I wouldn’t be at my house for the Blake pick up…and that no one had told my parents they were in charge tonight…and we hadn’t packed a bag for his overnight visit…and my dad’s phone was off or out of batteries.


But it all worked out. Some nursing here, a phone call there, some specific instructions and a cheese bagel, and everyone was feeling better. We spent the evening visiting with Mason’s sister’s family, and having a good time just hanging out with the cousins. It ended well, is what I’m saying.


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