Posted by: rocketbride | September 22, 2012

saturday shopping

Sometimes I dread the early wake up on Saturday, and sometimes it just feels good to let the momentum of the week keep rolling. Today was a little of both. We got a lot done today, from market to hair to frames. Destiny painted my highlights to create a smooth transition to my natural colour, and the result is just so sophisticated and lovely that I kept tossing my hair every time I saw myself in a mirror. Maggie also had a bit of a style makeover, as she soiled all of her clothes on the ride down and had to spend the morning zipped up in her raincoat so that no one saw her bare chest. (“It’s just a little poop! It’s still good! It’s still good!” Then she peed on it.)

I ended up buying her an outfit at Mini Moche, which is a store I absolutely adore but can’t visit too often as her gorgeous bamboo basics cost $55. I have work outfits that didn’t cost that much. I have to make peace with it, though, because they are really nice clothes and the simplicity of the design brings out her intrinsic perfection all the more. Too bad she had to dirty all her clothes before she could become the fashionista she is so clearly meant to be.


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